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Protecting AriaVPN Clients From Overbearing Rules And Regulations

Either you are the King, or you are a subject or slave, and there is nothing in between, and if you participate in their "color of law" statutes, then you have agreed to be their slave. Any time you get anything from the government or give anything to the government, it is an implied contract and brings you into their jurisdiction.

While governments and regulatory bodies continue to enforce strict and ever-changing statutory rules under the pretext of fighting crime, such as overbearing KYC/AML regulatory measures, these fictitious obligations continue to erode our fundamental rights and civil liberties, and due to the sensitive nature of information and the vulnerability of ICT systems, represent the danger of privacy leaks resulting in identity theft, financial loss, reputation damage, data manipulation, targeted attacks, arbitrary power corruption, and ultimately loss of privacy. 

Finding a VPN service provider that respects and protects your privacy beyond what their government jurisdiction dictates can be challenging. At AriaVPN, we operate as a sovereign entity on the sole premise of common law - to cause no harm, no loss, no injury, and be honorable in all contractual dealings. 

As sovereign privacy advocates, we seceded implied consent from any legislative statutes. We prioritize your privacy and independence as much as ours, and operating outside the jurisdiction of any specific government allows us to offer our clients a higher level of privacy protection and demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, free from government-overbearing rules and regulations.

Zero-Knowledge Architecture

With AriaVPN, you can rest assured that your identity will never be compromised. To safeguard your data from unauthorized access and coerced data submission, we have implemented a Zero-Knowledge Architecture. This approach means that we do not collect any personal data and do not have access to your encryption keys. You have complete control over your data at all times.

We believe in total transparency when it comes to the data we collect and how we use it. All data we collect can be regarded as if they were in the public domain without compromising your privacy. You can examine the nature of all data by reading our Privacy Policy, and you may also download a full copy of your data at any time in the My Dashboard area.

If you want to delete your payment data, which includes your transaction ID and recipient's address, simply click on the "Delete Payment Data" button in the My Dashboard area. You can do so immediately after purchase. If you want to delete your plan data, which includes all data associated with your plan, simply click on the "Delete Plan Data" button in the My Dashboard area. You can also do so immediately after purchase. These measures ensure that even if we receive a request from law enforcement or government agencies to disclose information, we do not possess the necessary data and cannot help with information we don't have.

Legal Frameworks and Jurisdictional Arbitrage

Our operations are governed and regulated by our laws. As a general rule, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. No one can be bound by any institutions formed by our fellowmen without consent. We all have the natural right to do anything our inclinations may suggest, as long as it is not evil in itself, and in no way impairs the rights of others.

As a collective of sovereign privacy advocates, in case the need arises, it remains our prerogative to strategically seek legal assistance from foreign jurisdictions, and take advantage of favorable privacy laws and regulations. This allows us to navigate the complex legal landscape and to offer our clients a higher level of privacy and protection from overbearing rules and regulations while remaining accountable and honorable in all contractual dealings within the bounds of common law.

Through our independence from government polities, data security measures, zero-knowledge architecture, jurisdictional arbitrage, and compliance with common law, our clients are shielded from overbearing rules and regulations. By prioritizing privacy and advocating for individuals' rights, we assumed a crucial role in safeguarding privacy in the digital age.


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